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Wavechaser Paddle Series
2019 Wavechaser Race Series - Race #7 Results - July 18, 2019
Short course to the first marker and back (4.5 km.) Long course - first marker, back past the pier to Kits Yacht Club, finish back at Jericho. Would have been a great course other that the 20 knot headwind that kicked for the last third of the long course.....
Long CoursePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTime
1Nathan MiddletonHPK M159:13.4
2Rob MagusV1 M159:22.1
3Ashley JamesHPK M21:03:12.7
4Shane Beatin / Jack OarkOC2 M11:05:34.7
5Brad MorrisonOC1 M11:08:33.7
6Stu HigginnsonOC1 M21:12:38.4
7Paul KendallOC1 M31:15:39.1
8Eric BrobergHPK M31:17:15.6
9Phil GorsuchOC1 M41:17:41.7
Short CoursePaddler(s)DivisionDiv. PlaceTotal Time
1Dennis Boehme / Sam WyattOC2 M131:01.4
2Gary ParsonsSUP 14' M131:43.0
3Aaron LoneyOC1 M132:02.6
4Colin Grady / Trevor JonesOC2 M232:59.9
5Robin CoopeSUP 14' M237:41.4
6Friedrich BuxbaumSUP 14' M338:07.5
7Tobias ClareSUP 14' M441:15.2
8Chris GravelSUP 14' M543:05.5
9Dan ThomsonSUP 14' M643:28.6
10Tom DugganSUP 14' M747:28.4
-Megan FilmerSUP 14' F-DNF
-Terry MatthewsSUP 14' M-DNF

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